About us

Vergy 2010 Ltd. works with strict observance of the Bulgarian and European food safety legislation. All products are analyzed in accredited laboratories.


Verzhy 2010 Ltd. started its activity in 2010. At the beginning we worked as a food and spice shop on the central “women’s” market in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ten years later, in 2020, the company already has 10 stores selling nuts, spices, coffee, tea, seeds, legumes, oils, tahini.

The company employs 40 employees with many years of commercial and production experience. We take care of our staff carefully and strive to train and develop the necessary specialists ourselves. We believe that the most important investment is people and their loyalty to the company.

We own three own trademarks registered with the Bulgarian Patent Office.Our brands are well recognized and accepted on the Bulgarian market with their good quality and strict compliance with hygiene standards associated with COVID-19.

“We’ve always thought that to stay in the market you have to grow and develop.”